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Artist Statement

Michael Nash - Sculptor

and Installation Artist

I work with colour, texture and found materials to create abstract sculptures and installations that are a reflection of my own inner world and the way I see the world around me. The process of making is an integral part of the meaning of my work. I begin by selecting materials from a collection of found materials, used alone or in conjunction with more traditional materials. I deconstruct materials into small pieces, often taking them out of their usual context, and then build them up into a new whole. Although I often work with found and non-traditional materials, this method of construction also underlies my work with more traditional materials such as clay and steel.

I am interested in the effect of light, both natural and artificial, on my sculptural work. Shadows are often intended as an integral part of the work, and point to a questioning of viewpoints, both visual and mental.


My work is installation based. As well as large scale works, my work can be seen as a series of individual sculptures within an overall installation. My aim throughout my work is to engage the viewer, to enable them to become a participant as well as an observer, and to challenge them to see and think in new ways, thus drawing out a commonality of viewpoint which questions and is at odds with our contemporary fractured society.

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